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Introduction to Uzauto Korea Introduction to Uzauto Korea

UzAuto Korea

  1. 2003 Establishment of “Uzautosan Trading Co., Ltd”
  2. 2009 Award from President of the Republic of Korea for exported goods at the amount more than 30 million USD
  3. 2013 Registration in GM Korea as an official dealer Change of company name into “Uzauto Korea”

UzAuto Korea Your Reliable Partner

Uzauto Korea is subsidiary company of JSC “Uzavtosanoat” and represents the interests of parent company in the Republic of Korea.

automotive industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan / Prospective project partners attract investors / Raw materials, equipment, supplies and services

Uzauto Korea was established in 2003 for the purpose to support the development of automobile industry
of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Over the past period Uzauto Korea has accumulated a lot of work experience on the market of the Republic of Korea,
particularly in attracting Korean companies into projects for localization of automotive parts and materials, and in supply of necessary materials and technical equipment to the enterprises of automobile industry thereby meeting their needs.
Uzauto Korea has partnerships with more than 500 large enterprises of the Republic of Korea.
Your Reliable Partner Uz Aato Korea